In December 2004, a long term family friend, finally decided to let his 75 go. I had seen this car in about 1995-6 and remembered it in very good condition, and knew the owner was a very careful driver and keeper. Hence through my father, I kept mentioning that I'd be interested in knowing when it would be up for grabs. As the years ticked on, the stringent pollution laws in Italy made it impossible for non-catalytic cars to enter town centres. As such, many cars like 75s have been crushed, the few ones left are usually thrashed old bangers having been abused in some form or another, plus the number of those stolen must be massive.

Due to the laws, expense of running and insuring it (1500 per year!) owners are finding it impossible to sell the last real Alfa. However, as I was exporting it to Madrid, I wasn't too fussed and when I was offered it for free, I snapped it up.

The car is a 1989 2.0 Twin Spark, in lovely BIANCO ARGENTO colour (AR270). This colour literally means "Silver (type of) White" and I think it's amazing.

The body work is in an excellent condition, a few blemishes (polish/varnish has come off in 3-4 coin-sized areas), this looks like it is due to bird droppings or resin being removed. There is absolutely no rust on any panel, other than one 5p coin sized bubble under the rear right hand light where a small repair has been made (traces of masking tape). The car lived by the sea all of its life, therefore the engine bay is quite "salty", however a steam cleaning session should bring back some shine.

When I collected the car, in true Alfa style, I was stuck by the side of the road with the bonnet up within 4 hrs. Problem: alternator. I managed to find the last honest mechanic in Rome who changed the alternator with a reconditioned one, gave the car a good service and after two days of "running it in", I set off for Madrid. 2020km later, albeit with the brake warning lights constanly on, the car arrived in Madrid where it now resides.



The mid term work that needs doing is:

1) brake warning lights, possibly due to a seized rear caliper.

2) transmission rubber mounts, one is split therefore I will get all of them changed.

Long term body work

3) the spoiler and plastic trim is faded, therefore I'd like to get these together with the bumpers sprayed.

4) one minor dent on roof and the varnish blemishes touched up.


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